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Parmesan, Salama, Alfredo Sauce and other fanciful names are not really Italian.

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Authentico helps you cook the food you bought with the original Italian recipes. You will discover grandma’s recipes, traditional procedures and secrets to cooking just like Italians do.

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In the world, there are thousands of Italian restaurants, but only a few really cook Italian, with original Italian products and Italian recipes. Authentico will let you discover the original Italian restaurants near you.

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Thanks to Authentico you will find out everything about genuine Italian food, their production areas, their territory, and see the video how a product is made, you will get invitations for free tastings from the best Italian food and wine producers

Italian food lovers deserve only authentic products

We want to help people around the world who love Italian food not to be deceived by fake or counterfeit products. We love those who love Italian food, and we want to protect your purchases from the cunning manufacturers who sell counterfeit products.